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About Us

(Envogue) driven by an unwavering passion and an unrelenting dedication to the art of beauty) …… devoted to crafting exquisite experiences for its cherished clientele. Over time, Envogue has meticulously honed its expertise and expanded its horizons within the realm of specialized beauty services. The company’s unbridled enthusiasm for delivering unparalleled customer service, upholding the loftiest standards of professionalism, and showcasing consummate skills has consistently positioned it as a trailblazer in shaping the tapestry of trends in hair, beauty, and fashion within the vibrant tapestry of Pakistan. The illustrious achievements of Envogue stand as a testament to the tireless diligence, unwavering commitment, and visionary stewardship of Diya Malik (CEO), an esteemed luminary who possesses both impeccable qualifications and international recognition within the tapestry of the beauty industry.

The heart of Envogue’s triumph finds its pulse in the unshakeable commitment to comprehensive training for its staff members, a living testament to Diya Malik’s profound reverence for the delicate nuances of skin and hair care. This devotion to excellence is epitomized by the harmonious operation of the Beauty Clinic and Institute over the span of four decades, nurturing the artistry of beauty therapy among aspiring beauticians. Under the masterful guidance of Diya Malik (Director), Envogue has metamorphosed into the pinnacle of beauty salons across Pakistan.

Envogue’s aspirations traverse new horizons, encompassing the establishment of branches in the UK and US—a vivid testament to Diya Malik’s expansive vision and her extensive experience within the global beauty landscape. Her innovative, contemporary perspectives, interwoven with prescient concepts, have propelled Envogue into an era where beauty and excellence converge seamlessly. Enriched by avant-garde management techniques and an unswerving commitment to upholding its venerable reputation within Pakistan while concurrently expanding its international footprint, Diya is resolute in her quest to elevate Envogue to unparalleled zeniths within the realm of beauty salons.